Consultancy & Advice

Consultancy & Advice

Consultancy & Advice

Consultancy services and expert advice

We can provide you with customised consultancy services in areas ranging from aids to navigation (AtoN) design, provision and deployment, communications solutions and solar system design to a variety of data services.

We have extensive experience in the marine navigation, technology and engineering sectors. Our professional teams are actively working on cutting-edge innovations that are revolutionising the provision and management of aids to navigation around the coast of Ireland. 

Our technical team will be glad to assist you by looking carefully at each case, conducting site visits to understand your requirements, and providing expert advice.


Crucial considerations for trouble-free usage

Designing solutions is only part of any system. Deciding how services are developed, adhering to high-quality standards, and carefully considering how services should be deployed are critical for trouble-free deployment, recovery and efficient maintenance.  Our internal team and our partners have strong expertise in this area.


Consultancy areas of expertise

  • Navigation buoys/markers – bespoke design and deployment
  • Data buoys
  • Chains and shackles
  • Moorings, mountings and assembly
  • Coastal communications solutions
  • Data acquiring and publishing
  • Buoy maintenance programmes
  • Aids to Navigation monitoring
  • DGPS/AIS precision monitoring
  • Provision of AIS services – synthetic and virtual AIS
  • Racons, radar target enhancers
  • Solar system design and configuration

For further information, please contact our Commercial Services team.

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