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  • Commissioners of Irish Lights - Home
    Commissioners of Irish Lights - Home01 March 2017

    We are a maritime organisation delivering an essential safety service around the coast of Ireland, protecting the marine environment, and supporting t ...

  • Environment
    Environment02 April 2020

    Our lighthouses and buoys, many of which are powered by renewable energy sources, 'talk to us' - transmitting weather and other environmental informat ...

  • Irish Lights Aids to Navigation
    Irish Lights Aids to Navigation14 August 2018

    We maintain over 300 marine aids to navigation around the coast of Ireland - lighthouses, buoys, beacons, racons, Automatic Identification Systems (AI ...

  • Our Lighthouses
    Our Lighthouses13 November 2015

    Use our interactive map to view our lighthouses and buoys around the coast of Ireland.

  • Our Buoys & Beacons
    Our Buoys & Beacons18 September 2018


  • Smart Buoys and Sensors
    Smart Buoys and Sensors07 June 2017

    Our Smart Buoys use leading edge technologies for monitoring and reporting of environment conditions.

  • Consultancy Services
    Consultancy Services02 January 2014

    The Commissioners of Irish Lights provides a consultation services to meet your needs in areas ranging from Aton provision, Aton design and related Da ...

  • Technology & Data Services
    Technology & Data Services02 April 2020

    We provide communications, e-Navigation and data services using our coastal network infrastructure. Clients include Government, local authorities, res ...

  • e-Navigation
    e-Navigation20 November 2015

    It's the next major step towards safer navigation - providing multiple systems for accurate positioning at sea.

  • Data services
    Data services09 November 2015

    By equipping our aids to navigation with additional sensors, we can provide data and analysis and communications services.

  • Galway Bay buoy updates Twitter followers on Volvo Ocean Race
  • MetOcean Charts
    MetOcean Charts12 July 2017

    Some of our buoys that are transmitting live environmental information - see the graphs, raw data and Twitter feed.

  • Environmental Monitoring
    Environmental Monitoring09 November 2015

    Our Data Services can provide research platforms and monitoring services to help identify the sources of marine pollutants and protect special areas o ...

  • Rigg Bank Virtual AtoN
    Rigg Bank Virtual AtoN09 November 2015

    We have added a virtual AIS aid to navigation by the Rigg Bank, at Belfast Lough

  • CIL establish first permanent Virtual AtoN charted in Irish Waters
    CIL establish first permanent Virtual AtoN charted in Irish Waters 09 November 2015

    The port hand Virtual Aid to Navigation was established at the entrance to Belfast Lough on the North East Coast of Ireland.

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