Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Data service identifies pollutants and helps protects conservation areas

Increasing marine activity places new demands on our ocean environment that may affect or threaten marine habitats and biodiversity. 

Our Technology and Data Services (TDS) department provide a 24hr buoy position monitoring, reporting and data acquisition services to monitor the marine environment. This work can be used to:

  • identify the sources of marine pollutants
  • protect special areas of conservation

We take source data from lighthouses and buoys and feed it into a secure database at Irish Lights headquarters where the TDS team develop applications and provide innovative solutions for high-quality data services.

Data Services

Real-time data capture

Our data communications services at remote locations around the coast, where we can offer high-speed data connectivity using radio, mobile, satellite or fixed-line networks, mean that real-time data can be captured and transmitted for storage and review.


How Irish Lights Data Services works

We work with our partners and customers to design and implement multi-tiered technical solutions based on their requirements.  These solutions can range from collecting raw data from a buoy for analysis to using social networks for disseminating data for public interest.

Our solution design and implementation process involves the following steps:

  1. Engage with the end-user to fully understand the requirements
  2. Design and build a solution based on these discussions
  3. Test the solution with the end-user at various stages of the process 
  4. Implement the successfully tested system.

For more information about this, see our Data Services page.