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  • Safety and navigation
    Safety and navigation09 November 2015

    Find Notices to Mariners, details of our lighthouses and buoys, apply for statutory sanction, report an AtoN fault or access other safety and navigati ...

  • Welcome to Irish Lights - Ensuring safety at sea
    Welcome to Irish Lights - Ensuring safety at sea09 November 2015

    We are a maritime organisation delivering an essential safety service around the coast of Ireland, protecting the marine environment, and supporting t ...

  • Notices to Mariniers
    Notices to Mariniers20 November 2015

    Find essential up-to-date information and advice for navigation, including notification of works and events that may affect navigation, new or updated ...

  • Vessel Services
    Vessel Services16 October 2018

    ILV Granuaile is a versatile Class 1 DP vessel with a skilled crew and excellent equipment. It provides a versatile platform for marine activities, a ...

  • Local Aids to Navigation
    Local Aids to Navigation28 March 2019

    We superintend and manage all Local Aids to Navigation - those provided by local responsible bodies or individuals, located at the approaches to ports ...

  • Weather Information
    Weather Information09 November 2015

    Weather conditions play a large part in safe navigation. Check out the various sources for finding and understanding marine weather forecasts.

  • Publications
    Publications01 May 2019

    We have lots of publications to view - covering all aspects of our marine safety role, advisory and commercial services and strategy.

  • Environmental Monitoring
    Environmental Monitoring09 November 2015

    Our Data Services can provide research platforms and monitoring services to help identify the sources of marine pollutants and protect special areas o ...

  • CIL require feedback for 2015 Aids to Navigation Review
    CIL require feedback for 2015 Aids to Navigation Review09 November 2015

    The GLAs are undertaking a review of aids to navigation provision around the coasts of Ireland and Great Britain during 2014 and Irish Lights require ...

  • CIL safeguard Irish Coastline over the Holiday Season
    CIL safeguard Irish Coastline over the Holiday Season09 November 2015

    Irish Lights stands ready to respond to any marine emergency in Irish Waters over Christmas period.

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