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  • Safety and navigation
    Safety and navigation09 November 2015

    Find Notices to Mariners, details of our lighthouses and buoys, apply for statutory sanction, report an AtoN fault or access other safety and navigati ...

  • Notices to Mariniers
    Notices to Mariniers20 November 2015

    Find essential up-to-date information and advice for navigation, including notification of works and events that may affect navigation, new or updated ...

  • Vessel Services
    Vessel Services16 October 2018

    ILV Granuaile is a versatile Class 1 DP vessel with a skilled crew and excellent equipment. It provides a versatile platform for marine activities, a ...

  • Local Aids to Navigation
    Local Aids to Navigation28 March 2019

    We superintend and manage all Local Aids to Navigation - those provided by local responsible bodies or individuals, located at the approaches to ports ...

  • Weather Information
    Weather Information09 November 2015

    Weather conditions play a large part in safe navigation. Check out the various sources for finding and understanding marine weather forecasts.

  • Irish Lights Aids to Navigation
    Irish Lights Aids to Navigation14 August 2018

    We maintain over 300 marine aids to navigation around the coast of Ireland - lighthouses, buoys, beacons, racons, Automatic Identification Systems (AI ...

  • Outages/Failures Reporting
    Outages/Failures Reporting29 November 2017

    We have 24-hour monitoring of our Aids to Navigation, but all systems can fail. If you notice a problem with any of our services, please contact us a ...

  • Consultancy & Advice
    Consultancy & Advice09 November 2015

    Our technical team will be glad to provide expert advice. We can offer customised consultancy services in areas such as aids to navigation design and ...

  • Publications
    Publications27 November 2019

    We have lots of publications to view - covering all aspects of our marine safety role, advisory and commercial services and strategy.

  • Technology & Data Services
    Technology & Data Services09 November 2015

    We provide communications, e-Navigation and data services using our coastal network infrastructure. Clients include Government, local authorities, res ...

  • What We Do - Our Role
    What We Do - Our Role09 November 2015

    We provide an essential maritime safety service around the coast of Ireland - not least to keep the economy moving. After all, around 95% of our impo ...

  • Mission, Vision and Values
    Mission, Vision and Values09 April 2018

    Delivering an essential public safety service, providing aids to navigation, delivering value for money and more.

  • Rigg Bank Virtual AtoN
    Rigg Bank Virtual AtoN09 November 2015

    We have added a virtual AIS aid to navigation by the Rigg Bank, at Belfast Lough

  • CIL require feedback for 2015 Aids to Navigation Review
    CIL require feedback for 2015 Aids to Navigation Review09 November 2015

    The GLAs are undertaking a review of aids to navigation provision around the coasts of Ireland and Great Britain during 2014 and Irish Lights require ...

  • Dublin Bay Digital Diamond
    Dublin Bay Digital Diamond08 January 2016

    The Dublin Bay Digital Diamond (DBDD) is an e-Navigation demonstrator project for the Dublin Bay area, the purpose of which is to provide an opportuni ...

  • Robert McCabe, Director in Irish Lights appointed President of the Nautical Institute
    Robert McCabe, Director in Irish Lights appointed President of the Nautical Institute09 November 2015

    Captain Robert McCabe, Director of Operations and Navigational Services for the Commissioners of Irish Lights is elected President of the Nautical Ins ...

  • AtoN Navigation Review 2015-2020
    AtoN Navigation Review 2015-202009 November 2015

    International Peer Review Confirms Aids to Navigation Requirements for the Irish Coast to 2015-2020

  • Innovation in Maritime Navigation
    Innovation in Maritime Navigation12 February 2016

    General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs) of the UK and Ireland will hold an event to explore the mix of technologies for future maritime navigation in 20 ...

  • New works on Rathlin East, Rathlin West and Rue Point to modernise and improve key lighthouses
    New works on Rathlin East, Rathlin West and Rue Point to modernise and improve key lighthouses25 July 2019

    As part of the Commissioners of Irish Lights’ remit to ensure aids to navigation meet international standards, and to improve energy efficiency and th ...

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