Castletown Directional Light


51°38.779' North 09°54.315' West

Aids to Navigation


G019.5°-023° (3.5°), W023°-023.5° (0.5°), R023.5°-027° (3.5°)

Height of Tower:

5.2 metres

Height of Light MHWS:

7 metres


Dir Oc WRG 5s (24 hours)


Night: White 15 nm, Red and Green 12 nm. Day: White 4 nm, Red and Green 2nm

Radar Beacon:



The Castletownbere Directional light was first temporarily established on 24 March 1965. It was permanently established on 23 November 1965 in the position of the former upper unlighted rear lead daymark.

A new directional light was established in the position of the former front lead daymark on 10 March 1983.

The current PEL 6 type light was established in its present position on 17 November 2010.