Rue Point Lighthouse


55°15.533' North 06°11.474' West

Aids to Navigation


Height of Tower:

11 metres

Height of Light MHWS:

16 metres


Fl (2) W 5s


14 nautical miles

Radar Beacon:


An unwatched light at Rue Point was recommended by the Inspecting Committee in July 1914 after a memorial, signed by Master Mariners, had been forwarded to the Commissioners from the Derry Chamber of Commerce. Sanction from Trinity House was obtained in November 1914 but the Board of Trade postponed the new light until 1916-17.

Towards the end of 1915 the Board carried out the erection of a temporary white double flashing light for the Admiralty. It was established on 19th November 1915 without a Notice to Mariners being issued. The Board of Trade followed this up by stating that if the Admiralty was satisfied with the temporary light they will not sanction a permanent structure.

During 1916 the Inspecting Committee recommended a permanent structure due to the high cost of running the temporary light but the Board of Trade were not prepared to sanction during the war. An acetylene fog gun was also proposed by the Inspecting Committee and with the Admiralty's blessing this went into operation on 12th April 1917.

A severe storm wrecked the temporary light in November 1917, so the light was transferred to the undamaged fog gun trestle.

The Admiralty suggested repositioning the light and fog signal on higher ground but the Engineer, Mr Scott, reported that it was not practicable. The Board of Trade were approached again in 1918 with regard to a permanent structure but their reply was that they could not sanction a new light out of present funds. It was not until 1920-21 the six sided concrete tower which exists today was constructed with a water to carbide acetylene generator housed inside with the light and fog gun positioned on the roof.

Apparently two Keepers were attached to Rue, living in the wooden hut when on duty. The reliability of the fog gun was never very satisfactory. After a bad break down in January 1928 the Board of Trade enquired if the gun could be made more reliable, then the Keepers could be withdrawn but any effort was without avail and when the Inspecting Committee recommended discontinuing the fog signal Trinity House and the Board of Trade agreed so the fog signal gun was withdrawn on 1st January 1931. The gun was overhauled and replaced the fog bell at Barr Point near Ferris Point at the entrance to Larne Lough.

Acetylene generating plants, good and reliable as they are, do not last forever. On 9th October 1965 Rue Point's light was converted to electric and is monitored from Rathlin East. The light runs off duplicated 50 volt batteries which are charged through a charger from duplicated diesel engine driven alternators.

On 25th March 2004 a new optic was installed and the station is now run from mains electricity.

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