Mine Head Lighthouse


51°59.556' North 07°35.225' West

Aids to Navigation


W Vis 228°-052° (184°).

Height of Tower:

21 metres

Height of Light MHWS:

87 metres


Fl (4) 30s


12 nautical miles

Radar Beacon:



Mine Head Lighthouse was electrified in 1964 and was made unwatched in 1973. Most of the equipment at the station dates back to those times. A navigational review confirmed that the range of the light could be reduced from 28 to 20 nautical miles and the station is currently being re-engineered with energy efficient equipment.

The standby generating set is being removed and an etched 150 Watt discharge lamp has been installed in the first-order rotating lens, powered using two parallel connected 24 volt 500 Ampere-hour (Ah) lead acid batteries. The PRB 22 rotating mechanism and control system is being refurbished.

A Datac 932 monitoring system, which communicates over the telephone network with the monitoring centre in Dun Laoghaire, has been installed. The new light came into operation on 10 September 2003.

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