Stories that help shine a light and make hospital a happier place for children

Stories that help shine a light and make hospital a happier place for children

Stories that help shine a light and make hospital a happier place for children

The Commissioner of Irish Lights has  today launched The Lighthouse Storybook, a collection of stories written by children as part of the Young Storykeepers Project.*  All proceeds from the sale of The Lighthouse Storybook directly support the work of Children in Hospital Ireland and the Northern Ireland Hospice. 

Commenting on the launch, Yvonne Shields O’Connor, Chief Executive of Commissioners of Irish Lights said, “I love this wonderful storybook, which is a selection from many original stories, poems and illustrations that were submitted by young writers aged 7–12 years from every corner of the island of Ireland and beyond.  For hundreds of years, lighthouses have kept seafarers safe, helping them find their way with a guiding light and safe journey so it is right that we support these wonderful organisations who help children navigate through their time in hospital.”

All proceeds from the sale of The Lighthouse Storybook will support the excellent work of two charities: Children in Hospital Ireland (, a non-profit organisation committed to promoting and ensuring the welfare of all children in hospital and Northern Ireland Hospice (, a charity offering specialist respite, symptom management and end of life palliative care to children and adults each year across Northern Ireland.

People wishing to purchase the book can visit

Anna Gunning, CEO Children in Hospital Ireland said “We were thrilled when Irish Lights approached us with this fantastic initiative. This is a book produced by children for children, to brighten up some of the darkest days.  It is a really beautiful publication, and we feel one that will have broad appeal as a Christmas gift.”

“To be included in this amazing piece of work is an absolute honour. We know first-hand how children’s imaginations can change reality into a wonderful fantasy that can lift the spirit. This storybook is the ideal way to capture this creativity. These stories entertain, while gently reminding us that all children need a safe haven, which is something we provide every day for our children and their families. This storybook is the perfect way to begin the festive period and I hope it brings joy to families this Christmas.” Heather Weir – Chief Executive – Northern Ireland Hospice


* The Young Storykeepers programme, developed by The Commissioners of Irish Lights’ (Irish Lights) through its tourism and  community partnership, Great Lighthouses of Ireland, and creative writing organisation Fighting Words invited  7 – 12 year old children to create an original story inspired by lighthouses.  Over  1250 wonderful stories are captured and showcased in a series of digital magazines volumes 1 – 5  which can be enjoyed at and


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Lighthouses are evocative, powerful and heroic.    From the distant past to the present day, lighthouses play a vital role in ensuring safety at sea.  Along with buoys and electronic aids, they are an important part of an interconnected system keeping our coasts safe and providing safe passage for local and international maritime traffic.  

The way this has been captured with imagination and creativity by the stories within this book is inspirational.