Shine Your Light For Healthcare Heroes

Shine Your Light For Healthcare Heroes

Shine Your Light For Healthcare Heroes

This national crisis has brought an increasing focus and appreciation of just how vital the role of lighthouses and essential maritime safety services are to maintaining the security of our supply chains and the commercial survival of our island. 

Irish Lights is playing a critical support role during this difficult time. In doing so, we are honoured to pay tribute to our health care colleagues at the front line of the national effort to combat Covid-19. As part of the Shine Your Light Initiative, Irish Lights is very pleased to announce that we have made a video to mark our own tribute to our health care colleagues. 

We encourage everyone to shine a light at 9pm, 11 April to acknowledge their tremendous and heroic work. 

Links to videos below

What is #ShineYourLight?

 RTÉ's #ShineYourLight / #LonraighdoSholas campaign asks that we come together as a country in this time of darkness to shine a light in our homes and show that light really can reach us all.

Anyone can take part by shining a light that can be seen from their homes for all the people who are working at the frontline, for those who are sick, for those who have lost their lives and the loved ones who remain, as a reminder that positivity and love are always with us.

 #ShineYourLight / #LonraighdoSholas

 Great Lighthouses of Ireland Partners and Funders

 Great Lighthouses is a project funded and developed by the Commissioners of Irish Lights a maritime organisation delivering an essential safety service around the coast of Ireland, protecting the marine environment, and supporting the marine industry and coastal communities. In supporting Great Lighthouses of Ireland, Irish Lights are committed to the development of a sustainable economic model and the reinvention of individual lighthouses as visitor attractions and unique self-catering accommodation that contribute to local communities.


Today, Irish Lights operate over sixty lighthouses around the coast of Ireland, all of which continue to play a vital role in maritime safety.