1996-03 - Baily Lighthouse

1996-03 - Baily Lighthouse

Notices to Mariners

Baily Lighthouse - Alteration in Character of Light

03 - 1996

Issue Date: Tuesday 16 January 1996

Aid: Baily Lighthouse

Area: East Coast of Ireland

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that from sunset on Tuesday 27th February 1996, the character of Baily Lighthouse (A5898) will be altered as follows:

New Character of Light:
Fl White 15s
Nominal Range:
26 nautical miles

All other characteristics remain unaltered.
The geographical position of Baily Lighthouse is:-

53° 21'.7 North
06° 03'.1 West

No further notice will be issued.

By Order, T. M. Boyd, Chief Executive