1996-07 - Tory Island Lighthouse

1996-07 - Tory Island Lighthouse

Notices to Mariners

Tory Island Lighthouse - Establishment of Radar Beacon

07 - 1996

Issue Date: Tuesday 13 February 1996

Aid: Tory Island Lighthouse

Area: North Coast of Ireland

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on Thursday, 21st March 1996, a radar beacon will be established at Tory Island Lighthouse (A6200) as follows:
X/S Bands (3cm and 10cm)
Response Time:
Simultaneously active on both X and S bands for 9 seconds in every 30 seconds.
Azimuth Coverage:
12 to 23 nautical miles

Range will vary depending on ships radar transmitter power and scanner height. These are theoretical maximum ranges and allowance should be made for weather conditions and the condition of the radar equipment.
Code Identification:
Morse "M" (--)
Radar Response Length:
4 nautical miles

The geographical position of Tory Island Lighthouse is:
55°16.4' North
08°14.9' West

No further notice will be given.
By Order, T. M. Boyd, Chief Executive.