2009-05 - Fundale Buoy

2009-05 - Fundale Buoy

Notices to Mariners

Repositioning of Fundale Buoy

05 - 2009

Issue Date: Tuesday 19 January 2010

Aid: Fundale Buoy

Area: South East Coast of Ireland

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that on 15 April 2009 or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit, the existing Fundale Buoy will be repositioned approximately 5 cables to the northeast so as to better mark both the Fundale and Collough Rocks.
Existing Position (WGS 84) New Position (WGS 84)
Latitude 52° 10.655'N Latitude 52° 11.044'N
Longitude 06° 20.299'W Longitude 06° 19.775'W


All other details of the buoy remain unchanged.

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Radio Navigation Warnings will be issued when the buoy is re-positioned.

By Order, S. G. R. Ruttle, Chief Executive.