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1996-11 - Stefan GEC "Buoy"

1996-11 - Stefan GEC "Buoy"

Notices to Mariners

Temporary Establishment of Stefan GEC "Buoy"

11 - 1996

Issue Date: Friday 2 August 1996

Aid: Stefan GEC "Buoy"

Area: East Coast of Ireland

Temporary Establishment of Stefan GEC "Buoy"

The Commissioners of Irish Lights hereby give notice that a special mark lighted buoy will be established in Dublin Bay on Monday 13th January 1997, or as soon thereafter as possible, for a period of approximately four weeks. A Local Radio Navigation Warning will be broadcast.
Yellow X
F1 (Morse "B" ev 10 secs)
Latitude: 53°21'.00 N

The Stefan Gec Buoy has no navigational significance.
The Stefan Gec buoy is fabricated from decommissioned Soviet submarines, and will be moved to various locations around Northern Europe over the next three years. Further information can be found on the Internet at site http://www.ruskin-sch.ox.ac.uk/lab/buoy, also at Arthouse, Dublin (Tel: 01-6056800), where a maquette will be on display from 24th January 1997 to 21st February 1997.
The buoy will be withdrawn without any further notice being issued.
By Order, T. M. Boyd, Chief Executive